What if you could finally heal your PCOS once and for all…

Without getting back on the same hamster wheel of short term treatments only to have your symptoms return again?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your doctor gave you birth control pills to regulate your erratic cycle, but it only helped for a short time

  • You’re tired all of the time and/or have acne like a high-schooler

  • You’ve gotten used to plucking those dark chin hairs

  • You just can’t seem to loose the stubborn weight around your waist

  • Your period is so inconsistent, you don’t even know when to expect it

  • You’ve struggled to get pregnant

  • You may may have had some relief but your symptoms returned again and you feel deflated…

It’s not your fault…I know you’ve tried.

You deserve to:

  • Feel in-control of your cycle and fertility again

  • Heal your depression and anxiety...without pills

  • Lose the extra pounds with ease

  • Know your symptoms and experiences are real

  • Have a holistic approach to healing your PCOS

  • Have your energy and excitement back…finally!

  • Improve your overall well-being and feel like "you" again

Say goodbye to complex plans and the latest diet fads.

Say hello to a life of balance, vitality, and joy.

After helping hundreds of women heal for the last 10 years,

I knew there had to be an easier way.

So I created one!


Healing from PCOS

Instruction Manual

Perfect if…

You want a straightforward, gentle, and effective solution that won't overwhelm you with complex plans or strict rules, whether you've just been diagnosed or have been struggling for a while.


PCOS Manual

120+ pages of insider protocols including natural remedies, herbal supplements, exercise tips and meal plans with recipes - all designed specifically to help you overcome PCOS naturally.

PCOS Science & Symptoms

Even though PCOS is considered the most common endocrine/metabolic disorder in women of reproductive age many providers don’t fully understand PCOS. This guide covers the facts you need.

Goal Tracking Packet

4 different tools that you can choose to use to help track your progress. Plus note pages for extra space and journaling.

Quick Reference Guides

The summary of the top protocols you need to know as you get started on your way to healing your PCOS in easy to reference one-pager resources.



2 Weeks of Custom Meal Plans with recipes and shopping lists

Not to mention each week of meal plans comes with it’s own prep guide to save you time preparing for each week ahead of time! What is your time worth?


Insider Access to Supplement Discounts (Up to 30% off)

Unlock exclusive insider access to supplement discounts, saving you up to 30% off on the best PCOS supportive supplements.


“I’ve been lucky enough to be seeing Miriam as a provider for years now! She is always so supportive and actually listens to my concerns! It has always felt like she wants to get to the root of my problems rather than put a bandaid over them. She encourages me to change my habits in small and attainable ways so I’m not overwhelmed and the results are AMAZING! I’ve never felt better."

Kyra V.


With over two decades of dedicated experience, I've traveled a unique journey that has shaped my passion for empowering women through holistic health.

My career began as a Group Fitness and Wellness instructor, teaching women about nutrition, fitness, and exercise. I transitioned into the world of healthcare, spending eight years as a nurse and nine years as a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Women's Health.

During this time, I've seen the frustration in women struggling with PCOS.

Many have faced overly expensive and unsustainable plans, and too often, they've been told they don't fit the PCOS "picture."

They've tried conventional treatments that yielded disappointing results.

My commitment to helping women find a comprehensive solution led me to graduate from Georgetown University in 2014 with a Masters of Science in Nursing, specializing as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.

Realizing there was more to uncover, I delved into Integrative and Functional Medicine in 2019, and I continue to expand my knowledge to better support women on their healing journey.

My mission is to provide a 'whole picture' plan that addresses all aspects contributing to your PCOS symptoms, offering a sustainable path to healing and wellness.


Your Complete Satisfaction Is My Priority!

I'm confident in my ability to support your PCOS journey and I want to make it as simple as possible for you to embark on this transformation. Remember true healing takes time, but IF, within the first 60 days of applying what you learned from the manual, you don't start to feel the shift within you that you're looking for, I'll offer you a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Yes, really! Just complete the coursework, actively participate for the first eight weeks, and if you feel that you didn't receive the value you expected, submit your completed action items, and ask for a full refund. It will be processed immediately, no questions asked. I am that confident this program can deliver lasting transformation in your journey toward PCOS healing."

Don't let PCOS hold you back any longer.

Take control of your health and embrace a happier, healthier life. The journey to healing begins with a simple click—take that step now and start your path to a brighter, symptom-free future.


“I’ve felt so much happier and healthier after working with Miriam! I used to feel tired and sluggish through the day, feeling like I could never find enough energy to get through school, work, exercise, etc. I had tried so many doctors and prescriptions before, with no long-term improvement. She looked at my life as a whole and what would work for me and what wouldn’t.

With the help and guidance Miriam provided through natural measures like herbs and diet changes, and a new perspective I have never felt more energetic. I actually look forward to the challenges I get to face with renewed confidence. Before I felt my body controlled me, now I control my life!”

Michelle H

“Miriam has helped me out so much! She is very personable and compassionate.

She was able to help me alter my life; the way I slept, ate, worked out, etc. Before doctors would just see a list of symptoms, she saw ME. Since counseling with her, I have definitely noticed a decrease in inflammation and all my other symptoms.

I can’t recommend her enough!

Lauren M


Is this program suitable for all women with PCOS, regardless of their specific symptoms and situations?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to address the diverse needs of women with PCOS. Whether you're dealing with weight gain, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, or other symptoms, our holistic approach can benefit you.

I've tried other treatments before without success. What makes this program different?

Our program is unique because it takes a holistic approach, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying factors contributing to PCOS. We combine nutrition, lifestyle, and natural remedies to create a comprehensive solution.

Are the meal plans included in the program customized to individual dietary preferences and restrictions?

While our meal plans provide general guidance, we understand that dietary preferences and restrictions vary. That's why we offer flexibility and alternative options to accommodate your specific needs.

What happens after I purchase the program? How do I access the materials and resources?

After your purchase, you'll receive immediate access to our program materials and resources. You'll receive login information and instructions on how to get started via the email you signed up with.

Is the program suitable for women with limited cooking skills or busy schedules?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to accommodate various skill levels and schedules. We offer simple, time-saving recipes and strategies to make it convenient for even the busiest women.

Can I participate in this program if I have other medical conditions or take prescription medications?

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting any new wellness program, especially if you have other medical conditions or take medications. Our program is holistic and can often complement conventional treatments, but it's essential to ensure it's safe for your unique situation.

Healing from PCOS Instruction Manual

01: PCOS Manual

02: PCOS Science & Symptoms

03: Goal Tracking Packet

04: Quick Reference Guides


BONUS # 1: 2 Weeks of Custom Meal Plans with recipes and shopping lists

BONUS # 2: Insider Access to Supplement Discounts (Up to 30% off)



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